Jumping timelines

Jumping timelines

Sep 12, 2022 03:24 PM 1 Answers General
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Thoughts on jumping timelines?

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Sep 14, 2022

As the pilot of this avatar you are a vibration echoing through the cosmos. As this vibration you move through space and time utilizing energy. The way you spend this energy is through your attention. You direct energy to the things you attend to. The way to jump timelines is to direct your energy to it illuminating the vibration of that timeline. You then pull it to yourself by vibrating on the same frequency as that timeline. The magnetic forces of your universal vibration will then move the resonance field you observe to reflect that desired timeline. The speed of this movement depends on how much energy you have access to, which reflects your level of conscious awareness of self.

When one gains more access to their energy by increasing their level of conscious awareness, they will gain the ability to not only move from one timeline to the next, but also from one space to the next. This empowers etheric travel also known as teleportation. With enough energy in one´s body, one becomes more connected to the body, and through this connection as well as the connection to the desired space/time, one can shift their vibration to match the destination and then shift their entire vessel there at will. This method of movement is common in advanced beings as well as abilities such as invisibility and flight. They all arise from connection to the body, and expansion of awareness.

- Sep 14, 2022 03:40 PM
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Once a pilot gains mastery of their vessel through connecting to it, they will soon realize that traveling through the beyond as described by TeraNymphia, empowers one to go anywhere and be anything. In this observable dimension, the photon can be said to be a basic building block. Once one goes so deep within that they are connected to their photons, they will begin to familiarize themself with the field that the photon vibrates in, which means they begin to familiarize themself with the vibration of the Earth itself. Once one becomes familiar they gain connection to the field and the ability to mobilize it. Once one becomes familiar with this ability, one can also consciously transcend the form of the field itself. Once one becomes familiar with the ability to interact with the field in this way, they also become familiar with the ability to transcend their own form, which means being able to not only transform into a cat, but also to travel as pure consciousness without form. This enables entry into the realm of the formless, the realm I hang out in. Feel you soon?

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