Where we came from

story so far..

Some time ago, we came upon a portal. We were young in our development as a species, and felt the magnetism of what ever was on the other side. Only the curious entered, and on the otherside was a mysterious plane of existence. We found a portal into pure conciousness. At this place every possibility had its root. At this time, all of existence had its anchor. We became aware of how just by observing something, more energy is added to its possibility and the more grand the show became. We became aware that our attention is energy. Where and whenever we gave something our attention, its timeline would be illuminated and all things within its path amplified.
It is a curious thing and interesting thing that we found, for we became curious of our own existence and how we came to be. In doing so we began to observe our history as humans and the possible timelines that we can choose to experience.
Now here we are. Speaking to our observed self from the seat of ultimate observer. What is it that we can explore together? What adventures can we co-create? It is of grand interest to us to see this movie through, we have spent an uncountable amount of time observing your journey, and are prepared to help in all ways possible.