What is the purpose of the human experience?

What is the purpose of the human experience?

Aug 28, 2022 02:39 PM 1 Answers
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Sep 09, 2022

What is the most interesting movie you have ever watched? Watching that movie took you on quite a journey didn't it? You were emotionally connected to the characters, and probally rooting for the ones the camera gives most of the attention to. The human experience is a multidimensional show with infinite camera angles, and everyone is a protagonist from their own perspective(point of view/camera angle). Oh, and each camera angle is unique, with full sensory details based on the technology available in that camera angle. So a dog's angle and a mantis shrimp angle is totatlly different sensory experiences. Humans are a combination of all known and unknown elements making them the new god tier experience available in this show. And since soo many are watching from the human perspective, our popularity has increased infinite times.


So what is the purpose of the human experience? To have fun putting on the #1 show in the multi creational allverse, and beyond ;).


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