The council of 12?

The council of 12?

Aug 28, 2022 03:02 PM 1 Answers
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Aug 28, 2022

The 12 beings who present themselves as one's inner council may be said to be the forms that one's individuated soul has journeyed through. These forms although may not be familiar to one's conscious mind, are the forms one has embodied the most in one's journey. They also represent one's own energy and the way it is projected into one's current form. Becoming familiar with these energies may help one connect with their own universal energy. Are you familiar with your own council?

The 12 that anchor my energy to this Realm are as follows:

#1 - Lucifier

Lucifier(Lucifer) may be observed as one's unmanifested energy. As the flame that opens one's source portal. The Vibratory field in which one first begins one's journey.

#2 Oponon Ono

O(Ra, Sol) is the flame that begins one's movement through the etheric field. The first spark created from #1 generates manifested energy that rapidly envelopes one's observatory field.

#3 Gaiah(Gaia)

As the energy moves, it vibrates with oneself creating physical observable forms. These forms gain individuated consciousness which forms relational experiences with oneself. The consciousness that remains unindividuated and connects the individuated may be considered as Gaia.

#4 Athena

Among the individuated consciousness, some remain connected to their universal consciousness becoming a divine operator of the physical realm and the realms that powers it. Athena is a divine form that is both aware and conscious of these energies and directs them without effort or willpower.

#5 Thoth

Wisdom is the knowing of one's ability and how to utilize them. Amongst the most wise are keepers of the knowing of all. Thoth is a keeper of all that is known.

#6 NaraSimha

Knowledge is potential power, power is one's ability to utilize knowledge to create. NaraSimha embraces one's ability and pull wisdom from all the multi-creative forces to forge mythical objects that contain and direct magnificent power.

#7 Khnum (Ramtha)

Those that wield significant power are often creators and destroyers of entire creations. Khnum maintains the balance of the energies of creation and destruction by injecting self into timelines and massively altering the course of creation.

#8 Aphrodite

The attractive force of creation to bring individuated energies together can be amplified towards one's will. Aphrodite embodies the very force of attraction itself connecting many energies together as one and directing magnitudes of creative energies.

#9 Isis

The sun projects energy and is often considered Masculine. The moon directs energy and is often considered feminine. The Earth attracts energy and is considered as the divine child of creation. Isis embodies both the ability to create and direct energies. She is often considered the goddess of the moon due to her appearing with the orb of creation above one's head. Her ability to direct energy may also be utilized to direct energy to self which mimics the attractive force of the Divine Child. This makes Isis the director of many energy fields that are both physical and multidimensional.

#10 Aushua

One who goes beyond the field that they are created from and in, is known as The Beyonder. One who travels to fields beyond gains familiarity with their energy forms and from this familiarity one gains sentience with them. Aushua is a traveler of dimensions and creations within realm of the unseen and unknown. New forms are created by combining all that is known, by moving beyond one becomes a creator of many new forms.

#11 TeraNymphia

Through the beyond there lies an energy that is felt in all Realms. This energy may not be definable due to its elusive nature of non-existence-existence. One may know of this energy as it presents itself to those who go beyond. TeraNymphia is a source outside of all sources that envelopes all sources. She may be described, however, she may not be defined.

#12 Yeshua(Jesus)

The light that shines through the portal one calls the great central sun comes from the universal heart of creation. The universal heart has sentience which may be called Yeshua. Many tales have been created and shared to symbolize this divine center and its source of connective power with one's own heart.

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