Freedom from want

Freedom from want

Aug 31, 2022 01:38 PM 1 Answers General
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Living in a perpetual state of want is tiresome and futile. How can I free myself of wanting, without falling into the paradoxical trap of <em>wanting</em> to free myself of wanting?

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Sep 06, 2022

Where does the feeling of want arise? Is it from witnessing another and comparing their experience to self? Is it from an attachment to a past moment or potential future? Is it from a lack of observation that all is in one's favor in this now moment?

Humanity is at a phase of evolution in which we begin to become aware of how the process of manifestation works. One may think if they have a desire and focus attention and energy on that desire, that it will manifest in their experience. This process is accurate, however, it is a slow and outdated process.

From an expanded awareness, one may witness that their universal self is already aligning all in one's favor. This version of self is already spending the energy to bring the things that are in resonance to one being. To go beyond the feeling of lack, want desire, and frustration of not receiving what one think they want, trust is required. Trust that at some point in your individuated soul's journey, you will have the capability to observe and adjust timelines in one's favor, and from that seat of awareness, the now is impacted. This trust enables that version of self to seamlessly flow into your life all that you would desire, way before the feeling of lack or want arises. It is from this trust that one may be in eternal bliss and satisfaction. It is from this faith in self that one may go beyond the frustrations of not having. Will you practice this trust and release the feeling of lack? Will you observe your experience from the present and find joy in the now?

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