The School of Magic(Escuela De Magia) 

Magic is the conscious direction of energy, and everything is energy. Some of the most well-known beings in our history such as Isis, Yeshua(Jesus), Khnum(Ramtha), Thoth, Aphrodite, Siddhartha(Buddha), Quan Yin, and many others became aware of how to dance with energy. They powerfully connect to their bodies, using it as an antenna to alter the very nature of reality itself.
Teranymphia aims to demystify magic and simplify its usage. No longer do we need decades of study and meditation to awaken the ability to command energy. We do this unconsciously all the time. Expanding awareness and practice is all that is needed.
At present time this school of magic exists where ever we are, but we aim to establish a self-sustaining community in which the knowledge and practice are much more available to all those who wish to join.
To accomplish this many supporters and volunteers will be needed. Those who wish to be a part of this experience are encouraged to connect with us to explore more.

A return to nature.

Self Sustaining and Expansive community.

The world is rapidly shifting and expanding and humanity is being called to adapt at quantum speeds. In this age, there is a call to return to nature, but not like we once was. The call is to integrate and create hybrid communities from all that we have learned so far. This means utilizing both internal and external technology to create self-sustaining communities that encourage and embraces our individuality as well as our ability to synergize with each other.

Our goal is to creat community in which we can be our comeplete unique selves, embrace our passions, create from our imagination, adapt from our observation, and utilize all within our collective memory to advance the species. In this community all beings thrive because we operate as one. We communicate openingly, treat each other like family, and celebrate each day as a gift.
We are currently connecting with future community members, sponsors and observers. We aim to be the example of what it may be like to live in a highly evolved society.

Thank you for your interest and energy towards making this so.

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