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Along our journey many questions arise, we are here to help you find the answer that best empowers your journey.

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Infinity Gate Meditation

All that we experience in this dimension exist as a tiny root of our infinite tree. When one begins to learn who they are beyond this dimension, one may tap into a deeper awareness and access the energy from many roots. The infinity gate meditation is a joint meditaton in which you are taken on a journey to witness other versions of self. Grand journeys into ones multidimensional self is available here.

As one witness themselves and expand their awareness of all, the avatar one pilots become more connected with that infinite tree, pulling more and more energy into this realm to amplify ones vessel.

In this meditation, we begin with a short guided moment of charging the infinity portal within. From here we let your infinite self take us on an adventure. We act as the observers, and guides of this journey. Upon return we share our observations and explore what it is that your infinite self want you to experience.

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Expansive Experiences

We believe that massive expansion happens when one experiences it with all of the senses. These experiences are focused on connecting with self, not just conceptually, but lived and felt. These experiences may include sacred herbs, transidental locations, and connecting with others on similar paths. Feel free to connect to explore what experiences may be the most impact to your now experience.

This in-person or group experience may be facilitated in many ways based on needs. After an initial call, we can determine what makes the most sense for you. 

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Virtual sessions are facilitated in 1-2 hour blocks. A quite place is recommended where flow can be enabled. Bring something to write as important details may arise.

There is no paywall infront of these virtual experiences as I believe knowledge should be shared freely. Any inspiration to support my journey may directed to our sponsor page.