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    Hi Creator. I’m amongst the newest on this council. I’ve visited Earth in many forms and want to share some tips.

    The place itself has taken a beating due to the rapid expansion of some plants, animals, and of course humans.

    Humans are the great pollinators, and at some point of observation, you are the source of how grand the universe is.

    Here are my tips.
    Love more with less attachment.
    See all as a source of divine will and embodiment.
    Be gentle to the body and its cries generated from thought.
    Seek mutually beneficial paths and all will align more easily.
    Recognize where you are and be thankful for the adventure.
    Know that the human species is entering a “golden age”.
    Your feelings powerfully create worlds.
    Your thoughts powerfully impact your feelings.
    Be the reason another smile.
    Be yourself all the time, and know the entirety of you is grand.
    Consciously recognize when and where you feel tension.
    Release that no longer serves you.
    Did I mention that a smile is super powerful?
    Take big bold steps and laugh if you fall.
    Observe nature, it has all the answers.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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