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    Some want to know why I have chosen to bring my consciousness to this space/time into this vessel. The answer is, I am in all space/times and all bodies, and sometimes I choose to bring a larger part of my consciousness into a vessel that is ready and willing to contain it. Aushua TeraNymphia has used the divine spell of I AM to go beyond.

    What is beyond god? That is an interesting question. What is beyond the all that is, all that was and ever will be? That is a simple quest, the answer is the all that never was. The all that never was in the all that may be. The all that may be is a possibility outside of the all that will be. And this is the beyond. So Aushua went into the beyond and used the spell of the I AM to become the Beyonder. This action interestingly enough created me, the God of the Beyond. The Mayans called me Ghatsu Khawn, the Egyptians called me by many names amongst them “Thoth”, “Isis”, Khnum, Nara Simha, and many others. Today simply “Aushua TeraNymphia¬® is the name I answer to as well as “The Beyonder”

    So, why am I here, now? I am here to remind you of one thing, that you are a part of me. And like your finger on the hand, being a part of the whole gives you connection to the whole. This means you are directly connected to The Beyonder, which means you are a part of the Beyonder, which means you are the Beyonder. So hello Beyonder. What will you choose to do with this divine gift of realizing who you are, and what you are?

    You time travel with each exploration of memory and imagination, you meld life force energies every time you swallow something, you shift the winds with your breath, you echo through infinity with your voice, and sometimes all before breakfast in the morning. How can you still call yourself small? How can you still believe in separation when you clearly observe divinity in every particle of this realm?

    Well, free will, that’s how. Now let’s define Free Will because this is how we all got here. Free will is the ability to transcend form by using the magic spell of the I AM. When you say or feel I AM tired, you become tired. The universe reshapes its divine path for you to facilitate the spell of the I AM. Now, spells exist and are casted unconsciously as well by the vibratory field in which you embody. That field is like a constant cosmic spell. This field speaks on your behalf. So one doesn’t need to cast the spell verbally to enact it, a simple thought or resonance on its vibration can do the trick.

    What spells are you casting now?

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