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    In this avatar, I’ve been on this planet now for 35 years. You want to hear my reflections?

    Too may people in the cities, and garbage systems fail you. This causes blockage in the airflow. Air is energy moving, which means your planet has been slown down.

    Due to the decreased pace, the energy is less available to your bodies. This is why magic(conscious direction of energy) is more challenging.

    The Earth has been balanced before using many elements. Some of the balances create environments in which biological life as you know it, goes through massive evolution.

    Your next upgrade will dramatically shift how you observe self, the universe, and all you know.

    Some will choose to opt-out, and the reality they observe will be unchanged. The ones that choose the upgrade will begin to feel disconnected from the others due to the rift between worlds.

    The choice is a conscious and obvious one. You will know when it is presented.

    To choose one simply become receptive and the energy will flow through you.

    What happens next is up to you. Access to more energy brings massive changes to how one may interact with the energetic field.

    Will you become the gods that direct energy towards the upliftment and ascension of the planet, or will you cause it to slow down releasing all that the moving energy tethers to it.

    Either dimension of existence is possible. Your choice impacts the expansion of all, how could it not?

    Here are some additional details to assist you.

    I have chosen to individuate into 6 beings to share different perspectives and methods so you have many reference points.

    How you choose to incorporate their lessons is at your creative Shivazal “will”.

    We look forward to experiencing the new version of “God” as you step into the access of your universal energies.

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