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Escuela De Magia  Online

Magic is the conscious direction of energy, and everything is energy. Some of the most well-known beings in our history such as Isis, Yeshua(Jesus), Khnum(Ramtha), Thoth, Aphrodite, Siddhartha(Buddha), Quan Yin, and many others became aware of how to dance with energy. They powerfully connect to their bodies, using it as an antenna to alter the very nature of reality itself.
Teranymphia aims to demystify magic and simplify its usage. No longer do we need decades of study and meditation to awaken the ability to command energy. We do this unconsciously all the time. Expanding awareness and practice is all that is needed.
Escuela De Magia online aims to bring simplified messages and activities to help enhance the connection of our minds, and body with special attention given to the pilot of both. Join us as we embark on an adventure to transcend the percieved limits of the human species and become more conscious creators.
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